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About Us

Our Story

Love cheese but don’t want to or can’t eat dairy? Our gourmet line of cashew cheeses will satisfy your cravings while feeding your body nutritious probiotics.

Northern Lights Fauxmagerie was created with the mother cow in mind. Since cheese is the often the most difficult thing to give up when one embarks on a vegan diet, Roxanne Carr, the founder and CEO of Northern Lights wanted to create a line of cheeses that was compassionate and could be enjoyed by anyone. She had digestive issues herself and wanted to create cheese she and others could savour.

Northern Lights Fauxmagerie cheeses are classy enough for gourmet meals, charcuterie boards and delicious enough to be devoured with crackers, alone at home.

Our values

Northern Lights Fauxmagerie is here to help people live a healthier plant based lifestyle by creating 100% plant based, ethically created organic cheeses. We curate only the finest plant based products to create our cheeses from scratch using organic ingredients, locally sourced when available. 

“Our Northern Lights Fauxmagerie line is hand-crafted, micro-batched, artisanal and wholesome! We source locally as often as possible, we make sure our foundations are organic or pesticide and herbicide-free. We believe in transparency and clean ingredients. For us health matters most. We are committed to our community and want to make a positive impact by offering healthy options to the north.”

Roxanne Carr, CEO