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Plant Based Probiotic Gourmet Wellness Cheese

Our Top 3

These 3 cheeses have been extensively tested in the Timmins, Ontario area and have proven to be the most popular flavours. These are the first to launch in our line of cashew based, probiotic cheeses. Subscribe to be notified when more NLF Cheeses Launch.

Xtra Sharp Cheddah

A sharp orange cheddah that goes well on crackers, in salads or melted down for macaroni & cheese. Semi soft and creamy, this cheese is raw, organic and probiotic. The live enzymes in this cheese will actually help with your digestion while delighting your tastebuds.


Dill Garlic & Chives

Creamy, buttery and flavourful, the complex flavour of this cheese is suited well to a variety of dishes. Melted down it makes a great sauce to lather over asparagus, roasted veggies or potatoes. It is delicious cold on a cheese board or in a salad.


Smoked Ghoudha

Our dairy free Ghoudha is a two in one cheese. Firm and sliceable when cold and soft and creamy when warm. With a distinctive yet not overpowering smoke flavour, it is excellent for snacking with crackers. Adds a gourmet touch when sliced for cold sandwiches, melted in grilled cheese or pasta


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